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Terry, The Mellow Tigger
3 November 1967
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Here's the short list: 41, Texan living in Minnesota, perpetually single, tech geek, former programmer but current I.T. support tech, human companion to feline named T'Reese, and outsider constantly resisting the urge to walk into the forest and not come back. More details available at my webpage.

Amazon.com wishlist... ok, so I have expensive taste in books. :P

You can get a sense of what I tend to post by taking a look at my tag list.

Friends: I sometimes Livejournal-surf to find journals to add to my own Friends page. I read someone else's Friends page (and one of their Friends page, and so on) to find examples of ideas and styles that I wouldn't otherwise encounter. I find that variety is more educational than monoculture.

I use the Friends ability like a subscription service. I put accounts on my Friends list because I want to read those daily entries on my Friends page. So if you show up on my Friends list and we've never met before, it's because something about your typical entry was intriguing. If someday the daily entries take too long to keep up with, then I'll end up doing some pruning. Nothing personal meant by either the addition or the deletion. (I wish livejournal would rename Friends to Subscribers to eliminate confusion on this point.)

Don't feel compelled to Friend-in-response. I don't.

Friends-Only: I don't understand the concept of friends-only blogs. If nobody new can ever stumble onto your scribblings, then why bother posting them on a webpage at all? Isn't that what email is for? I usually don't subscribe to friends-only blogs. A person doesn't change the world for the better by hiding from it. Seize the day. Make the world into the one that you want to live in; provide the example that others can learn to follow.

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